We are delighted to announce that the Steering Commitee of the European Security and Defence College , in its  meeting of 26 June 2020, has decided to accept the application of European Citizens  Association to join its Executive Academic Board.

We are ready to contribute to the work of this great network of more that 160 institutions towards the creation of a Common Security and Defence culture.



About us

The European Citizens Association, which is not for profit, aims to safeguard and promote the European Union’s fundamental values and to increase citizens’ resilience to information manipulation. From its very first day of creation the association had a pan European and multidiscipline character as its 13 founding members come from 10 different Member States having different professional and academic background. Some of us are actors of the European Union (EU) policies from professional background. All of us, in our individual capacities, are convinced that wealth and peace in our countries and on our continent can only be enhanced through greater integration of our societies and nations. All of us share the same passion to make our Union and societies better and more integrated.

Contact us

Belliard 100, Brussels 1040, Belgium