European elections, 6-9 June 2024: your chance to have your say on the Union you want, your chance to select who will represent you in the European Parliament and decide on our future Europe.

At its 3rd General Assembly, the European Citizens Association decided – after interactive and fruitful discussions – to devote its main effort for the next whole year on an ambitious endeavor to increase the voter turnout in the upcoming European Parliament elections of June 2024.

The activity will aim at stimulating the civil society’s interest and participation in the European Parliament election in our EU Member States in close cooperation with the European Parliament Offices and the ECA Members in the Member States.

Stay tuned, further information and an invitation to join forces are on their way!

16-18 May, 2022 Athens

The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Center of Excellence in Sustainability of Deree – The American College of Greece, in collaboration with the Department of International and European Studies of the University of Piraeus, and the European Citizens Association, under the auspices of the  European Security and Defence College (ESDC), organized and materialized a Course entitled “Climate Change and Security”, which took place on May 16-18, 2022, at the ACG premises.

This masterclass was addressed to senior-level decision-makers and experts – both civilian & military- from EU Member States, relevant EU institutions and agencies, as well as third countries. The aim was to familiarize participants with the concept of Climate Diplomacy, by offering different perspectives and analyzing its significance at the national and global levels. The course addressed current and future challenges and assessed the EU policies in this field. The ultimate goal was to foster the development of a network of civilian and military experts that will collaborate on mitigation/adaptation policy development and implementation.

In more detail, the climate change challenges, linked to risks, security threats and climate diplomacy issues, as well as the regulatory framework of climate diplomacy in the EU as well as an overview of the security nexus were presented during the first day of the Course. The second day focused on monitoring, early warning and preparedness for extreme climate change incidences, adaptation and resilience issues as well as the available financial tools. The third day was shaped as a lively panel discussion on climate change challenges, their impacts on human health and on historical heritage, as well as the interlinkages with international affairs, climate-related migration and public security.

20-23 June 2022, Brussels

Group photo with the course participants

The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) had the honour of co-organising together with the European Citizens Association a pilot version of the course ‘The European Union for Secondary Schools’.  The course was successfully held in Brussels from 20 to 23 June 2022, with active participation and excellent outcomes. The aim of the course was to support our military secondary school teachers and military instructors and familiarise them with the European Union and its history, strategies and values. The course focused on knowledge and skills but also highlighted the attitudes that we expect our experienced trainers and teachers to take away with them in order to continue promoting EU values and creating an even stronger common security and defence culture.  The first day of the course focused on international security competition and influences on EU security.  The second day of the course focused on the EU and its governance, EU core values and the Lisbon Treaty, with a specific focus on the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and the role of the EU Military Committee.  The third day focused on CSDP, in particular on the crisis management structures, chain of command and decision making and shaping, the EU Global Strategy and the EU’s strategic autonomy.  The fourth and last day of the course focused on the military officer of the future in EU Member States and on the future of CSDP.  We would like to thank all the keynote speakers for their excellent contributions and input, and for the very high quality of their speeches and lectures.  The content of the presentations and the extremely relevant topics triggered thought-provoking and rewarding discussions between the participants and the experts.  We would also like to thank all 14 participants for their confidence in the ESDC, and we will do our utmost to continue providing high-quality training.

25 – 26 November 2021, Nicosia Cyprus

The European Citizens Association (ECA), the CY Office of the European Parliament, the CY Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CY Ministry of Defence and the European Security and Defence College had the honour and pleasure of organising a conference on “The Future of the European Security and Defence” in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe, which took place under the auspices of the European Parliament, the European Council and European Commission. The Conference on the Future of Europe proceedings started on 9 May 2021 and are expected to deliver conclusions by spring 2022. The event was held under the auspices of the President of the House of Representatives of Cyprus, Ms Annita Demetriou. The Future of the European Security and Defence conference took place in Nicosia on 25 and 26 November 2021 at the Hilton Hotel and aimed at creating a new space for debate with citizens to address Europe’s challenges and priorities in the Defence and Security sector. It was a bottom-up exercise, giving European citizens the opportunity and a platform for expressing their expectations from the European Union about the kind of ‘Europe of Security and Defence’ we need. The conference was attended by 80 honoured guests from across the European Union in person and 400 people online.