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The ESDC  European Doctoral School on CSDP accepted our Association to join this configuration and provide its expertise and mentorship on PhD level research.  

The European Doctoral School on the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) is an initiative launched in 2017 by volunteer institutions and the European Security and Defence College to develop a range of training and provide support for doctoral research on the CSDP in the EU.

Its objective is to develop a critical mass of scientific and academic expertise that brings together supervisors and mentors and promotes the exchange of knowledge, skills and competences on European security and defence with a view to providing support for PhD level research reflecting on the CSDP.

It offers a specialized training program supplementary to the courses organized by its network institutions in their doctoral curricula and supports multi-disciplinary doctoral researches with relevant European training and environments in the following areas:

  • Cyber, new technologies and security in the CSDP context
  • Critical infrastructure, personnel and logistics in CSDP
  • Defense industry and capabilities for the CSDP
  • Partner capacity-building and external relations in the CSDP context
  • History, conflict studies, concepts, values and ethics of the CSDP
  • Defence economics, financing, education, training and leadership in the CSDP context
  • Governance, management, decision-making and deployment for CSDP

More information about this initiative can be retrieved from its official webpage at: https://esdc.europa.eu/doctoral-school/